I'm pretty easy going. Writing songs and poetry are my favorite things to do as they are my means to get things off my chest. I guess to sum things up i'm a listener, musician, a nerd, martial artist, gamer, etc.

I like to make new friends and be an ear for anyone who needs someone to talk to. No one deserves to face certain emotions of sorrow and despair alone.





this is probably my favorite joke from futurama tbh

I love Futurama but I don’t get this what’s the joke

The joke is that a bunch of conspiracy theories say aliens came and taught Egypt how to build pyramids (because they are ‘too impossible’ for humans to have built’) and it’s actually the Egyptians that taught aliens and advanced their culture.

I hope it applies to Aztecs and Mayans too ;)

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I’m glad they kept the most important thing that was in Brawl.

In fact, they improved it.

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